Welcome to the Thrive! Canada

Brock Holowachuk, CBCP

A few months ago, you might recall that DRI Canada asked you to participate in a survey on how we can improve and grow our organization. There was a lot of good feedback, but one thing came through loud and clear … you want to hear more about what’s happening. Improved communication came out at the top of the list for things we can improve.

We heard that message, and that’s why we’re launching Thrive! Canada – DRI Canada’s new publication about continuity management in Canada. Thrive! Canada is going to be about telling you what’s happening with DRI Canada, but it’s also meant to be the starting point of a dialogue about our profession and how we can continue being a leader for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. Every day, DRI Canada certified professionals are at the forefront of continuity management in Canada. They’re doing innovative and creative things to build more resilient organizations, and Thrive is a chance to share that good work and smart ideas with our peers.

DRI Canada is a not-for-profit organization, and that means the focus of everything we do is on members like you. Thrive! Canada will give us a regular opportunity to let you know what we’re doing at DRI Canada to give you more for your membership and to increase the value of your certification. But it’s also a chance for you to talk to your peers about what you’re doing and what you think is important.

Consider this an open invitation to be a contributor to TThrive! Canada. If you have a project, story idea, interview with a leader within our profession, or perspective on an emerging issue, please contact perry@dri.ca  or click here for submission guidelines. Once you’ve done the writing, we will share your work with your community of DRI Canada-certified peers. Thrive will be published in English and French, and we welcome contributions in either of Canada’s official languages.

I hope you will enjoy hearing about what DRI Canada and our certified members are doing to lead the continuity management profession in Canada. Every day, you’re doing things that builds the resilience of your workplace and community. I’m excited about the chance to share those stories through Thrive! Canada, and welcome you to be a part of it.

Brock HolowachukBrock Holowachuk, CBCP
President, Director Central Region

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